The fact that the more one expands their mind through experimentation, education, and exploration causes one to realize that they know absolutely nothing, in the larger scheme of things, is one of my favourite things about learning, much less life itself because it keeps us humble, but wanting more. 

Do yourself the favour of expanding your mind every day, in any and every way you can, because the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of knowledge. Specifically the knowledge that even after decades of acquiring facts and information, you will still know nothing of our grandiose universe. It is within the mortality of our knowledge, and of our conscious existence where we find the tragic beauty of our shared experience through our limitless endeavour to better ourselves that spans over all of humanity. 

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the universe and everything in life, let yourself be overwhelmed by the curiosity burning within your mind, forever asking questions. Let yourself be brave enough to ask those questions, but humble enough to continue learning daily, and to better yourself until your dying day. Because in the end this is merely a learning process, a magnificently universal experiment. Do yourself a favour and forever stay eager. 

Image Credits: Gif made by Erin Mae Dul of The Science of Reality. Youtube video via InsaneFilmReel via NASA, Johnson Space Center, Earth Observatory, & ISS Crew Earth Observations. Original video editing by Bruce W. Berry.

(via ne0ndreams)

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